Reasons for collaboration

Through the last couple of decades the conditions for sheep breeding and lamb production have changed markedly. A lot of small flocks have disappeared and more will do so. On the other hand the real production flocks do increase their sizes more and more. The economical conditions for lamb production get more and more tight, so if you want to make a profit, it is necessary to cope with the ever growing demand for quality of the terminal product – the slaughter lamb.

To be able to produce a quality product, an essential condition is, that your breeding flock consist of a good genetic material, and that you always try to improve it, by using the rams, that have the best predisposition for meat production, health and as problem free growth from birth to slaughter as possible.

Through more than a decade we have worked on producing such rams, and collaborated between our flock on utilizing all modern breeding techniques such as registration, scanning, flock health plans etc. Today we can offer the lamb producers some rams, that whether they are going to be used for pure breeding or as terminal sires, fulfil the requirements of modern sheep breeders, and we do it at reasonable prices. Of course we can also offer gimmer lambs to people who are in need of such animals.

Our policy is, that all information about the animals, from birth to they are sold, is available for the buyer just as is all other information about the flocks. You are always welcome to some and see our animals, but please book well in advance, and please respect our biosecurity rules.

Over the years we have exported many animals, semen and embryos, not least to the other Scandinavian countries.